Private Lessons and Schools

How you can benefit the most from your golf lessons

Taking a golf lesson is not only a financial investment but also an investment of time and energy. Finding a knowledgeable instructor committed to helping you, and coming prepared to learn, will help maximize your learning experience and lower your scores.

Arrive a few minutes early so you can loosen up and be prepared to learn. Write out any questions you might have for your instructor and bring all your equipment; clubs, shoes, hat and glove. Be honest with your instructor. He may want to know the weakest parts of your game, what your handicapped is, how long you have been playing, if you have any physical limitations, and where your bad shots go? Being honest and giving your instructor a clear appraisal of your game will allow him to meet you at your level and begin the improvement process.

View your lesson or lessons as a long-term project. Studies have shown that people with long-term goals, improve more than those with short-term goals. Often when we take a lesson our expectations are high. This is fine, although we sometimes need to temper our high expectations with self-discipline and effort if we are looking for significant improvement. I strongly disagree with the notion that when we take a golf lesson, we will get worse before we get better. We often see immediate improvement with our students. It is rare that we see a student set up to the ball correctly. With these students, a simple setup adjustment often leads to better shot making. And often a swing change will lead to better shots immediately. The difficulty for the student is to consistently make the change, which will produce better shots more consistently. What we are trying to do is replace the bad habit with the new and better way of hitting the ball. To make this type of change consistently, requires some time and effort.

There or many aspects of the game of golf, and therefore many ways to improve. We can improve our putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play, full swing, course management, and mental game.

To do so, the student must be willing to listen to different ideas and concepts that he may not be used to. Be open minded and willing to learn. On the other hand your instructor must be able to diagnose your problem and clearly explain a solution that makes sense. This isn’t rocket science.

Demand a clear understanding of the message you are receiving from your instructor. The last thing you want to do is leave a lesson confused. Ask questions until you know what you need to do and why. Having a clear understanding and a strong belief in what you need to do will help you stay the course when things are not going your way.


Private Lesson Rates

1 Hour $135.00
1 Hour Semi-Private         $150.00
1/2 Hour  NA
1 Hour + 4 1/2 Hours     NA

Private Lesson Packages

10 - 1 Hours                      $1145.00    Save 15%
5 - 1 Hours $608.00 Save 10%
5 - 1/2 Hours NA Save 10%

Semi-Private Schools

Semi-Private School 2 People, 8 Hours       $495.00 pp
Semi-Private School 3 People, 8 Hours $475.00 pp



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In our lessons and private schools, state-of-the-art digital video swing analysis will be utilized.

All are one hour.

We respectfully request 24-hour notice on all cancellations.



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